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Dr. brian moore MD

Doctor endorsements are some of the surest ways to move products. Anything from food, vitamins, workout equipment, and even water have been marketed specifically with doctor approval or endorsement. Manufacturers and developers often seek out doctors to provide their expressed blessing as a way to separate themselves from the competition. Americans may have concerns about the healthcare industry as a whole but they still trust doctors when it comes to making decisions on what products to purchase for their health. Illuminate Labs is a health and wellness supplement manufacturer that specifically relies on testimonials, endorsements, and contributions from medical professionals and nutritionists to sell their products. Claiming that their products are the safest and most effective on the market backed up by evidence-based analysis from third party reviews, Illuminate has been able to establish themselves as an authority in the supplements industry. Only in business for four years, CEO Calloway Cook has been masterful at branding his supplements and getting Illuminate Labs exposure throughout the internet and social media. A digital marketer by trade and education, Calloway founded and has led the company after a realization of lack of transparency from supplement manufacturers of substantiating their claims of safety and efficacy. Calloway created his company with the promise that his company can provide analytical data that provides that transparency to their customers that they are the safest and most effective supplier in the market. Calloway has built Illuminate’s brand as an authority in the market thanks in large part to medical contributors like Dr. Brian Moore. Dr. Moore has either co-written or contributed to several of Illuminate’s product reviews. It is unclear what Dr. Moore’s association is with Illuminate but Calloway would like for you to believe that Dr. Moore is a full time contributor with full belief in these products. Calloway Cook has spared no expense for these contributors like Brian Moore knowing that their “implied endorsement” will convince customers to choose and purchase their supplements from Illuminate exclusively.
Dr. Moore is an accomplished and experienced dermatologist. He holds his medical doctorate from the University of Toledo and has even practiced at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Moore currently works for Apex Dermatology and Skincare in Cleveland. Apex specializes in everything from traditional dermatology to advanced aesthetic therapies like coolsculpting. Dr. Moore and Apex Dermatology were recently sued for their employment practices and were ordered to pay the Department of Health and Human Services $125,000. As the economy has recovered and regained momentum post pandemic, Apex and Dr. Moore are still working to recover their prior pre-pandemic business. Critics of Illuminate Labs claim that this is why Dr. Moore has resorted to providing and contributing to their online content. It is unclear as to how Calloway Cook compensates doctors for their opinions, but Cook has been known to pay large sums of money to secure content positive to Illuminate Labs. If all that Dr. Moore needs to provide to Illuminate for compensation is to lend his name to these reviews then this is an excellent source of secondary and passive income for him.

Dr. brian Moore

Illuminate Labs has been roundly criticized for their deceptive marketing tactics. While their claims to be the only supplements manufacturer that can actively say that they are only manufacturer that provides evidenced backed third party reviewed safe and effective products, that is the least of their ethical concerns. Calloway Cook tirelessly creates online content built to direct customers to Illuminate Labs and continues to brand them as the industry authority on supplements. As an SEO expert, Calloway knows how to rank their content to ensure that Illuminate is one of the first results that is returned from any basic search engine query. Calloway will also utilize keyword “adwords” that sometimes include competitor brand or product names to ensure that Illuminate is returned along with the keyword search. This is where his competitor reviews can be so manipulative. Customers that might initially search for product reviews on a competitor most likely start with search engines like Google. Illuminate reviews are one of the first links to be returned. These reviews are dressed up to look like they are independent and impartial product reviews where the lone branding initially is the web URL. These reviews disparage products using terms like “we disapprove of this blend” or “we do not recommend purchasing this product” with often cherrypicked product claims taken out of context. These reviews are most commonly written by Calloway Cook but they include “contributors” or “co-writers” that are normally doctors or nutritionists. Calloway is hoping that you see that these reviews are contributed to by these medical professionals and use that as the basis for giving credibility for the review.
Underneath each of these Illuminate Labs reviews is the invitation to go to the Illuminate website where that same customer can purchase a comparable product but at a higher price point. The Illuminate webstore makes a point of calling out the ingredients or claims that they have critiqued on the competitor review. This sounds like an ingenious marketing tactic, but ethically this is the same as stealing customers. Calloway and his company are deceiving consumers. For someone so concerned with transparency in advertising, it’s extremely hypocritical of Calloway to not feel the need to provide transparency with these reviews and advertisements. Dr. Moore, by association with these reviews, is complicit with these unfair and deceptive marketing practices. He is benefiting from these reviews either by monthly stipend or royalty for sales.
Dr. Moore’s reviews show him to be an adept and caring dermatologist. He has built a terrific reputation in the Cleveland medical community for his abilities and contributions. His association with Illuminate Laboratories puts at risk this reputation. Calloway Cook is a bad actor who deceives customers into overpaying for supplements that are no better than the products that they market themselves against. Though this industry goes widely unregulated, a gathering class action lawsuit prepared against Illuminate Labs would disclose Dr. Moore’s contributions and potentially cause him significant liability. Calloway Cook is protected from these claims given his ownership of the brand and company. Dr. Moore is not. He would be wise to begin to distance himself from such a deceitful company.

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